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Ephat Mujuru was a master percussionist who played drums, rock gongs, marimba, dimbwa (bow) and chipendani (mouthbow) in addition to his principle instrument, the mbira. He was taught the family repertoire of traditional Zimbabwe pieces by his grandfather. Mbira music combines cyclic melodic patterns in a complex polyphony. There is no written notation but the lyrics are in Shona. Descriptive notes. 15 performances.

The late Master shona percussionist and mbira player Ephat Mujuru performs traditional and contemporary music from Zimbabwe. Mujuru's personal vocal style is both intimate and commanding, and his mastery of traditional drums and the delicate, joyful sounding mbira, made him an internationally known performer.

1. Rhythms of Life - 4:58
2. Shiri Yakanaka Unoendepi - 4:18
3. Butsu Mutandari - 3:45
4. Classical Drumming - 4:05
5. Muchongoyo - 5:08
6. Chimbu Kutira (Parwendo) - 4:45
7. Vanamai - 5:26
8. Ndawa Kuenda - 4:26
9. Rhythms of Life (Reprise) - 1:00
10. Chigwaya - 4:01
11. Dangwiza - 2:17
12. Mandare Ndare - 4:26
13. Tairewa - 2:13
14. Nyamaropa - 3:01
15. Mutamba - 5:48


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