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JVC Smithsonian Folkways Africa Collection -- 3 DVDs and 3 Books

JVC Smithsonian Folkways Africa Collection -- 3 DVDs and 3 Books

Released in October of 1996, this three tape, three book collection does not duplicate any of the performances from the original JVC Video Anthology volumes on Africa. It comes complete with detailed notes regarding the regions, performers and performances and provides an introduction to the vastness of traditional musical forms in Africa. 72 performances from 11 African countries. 156 minutes.
"From country lanes to city streets and from a family's hut to a public performance hall, these videos display a trove of traditional instrumental, vocal and choral folk music" -Booklist
"The booklet will be very helpful to teachers as the information is concise and pertinent, including suggestions for reading and listening and a glossary... A valuable resource." -School Library Journal

Volume One

1. Egyptian-Gypsy Dance, Banat Mazin 1:12
2. Epic Poem/Song, Sa'id Duwwi 1:19
3. Festival Street Dancing, Ghawazi with Mizmar and Tabl Baladi Musicians 1:37
4. Zar Ritual, Zar Ensemble 4:19
5. Commercial Egyptian Folk Music, Mitqal Qinnawi 1:34

6. Enanga/Ibyevugo, Enuma, Herbert Bakesigaki 2:25
7. Ekizino (dance) and Enanga (music), Enganda-za -higa, Herbert Bakesigaki and relatives 1:11
8. Baksima Dance, Nankasa, Tebifanana Abifuna Cultural Group 4:53
9. Mbire, Otabuna mukaire - olumbe wamanyi, Balikowa Centurio, Peter Kabodha and David Kasata 2:54
10. Mbaire, Nsawo Mbaire Group 3:27
11. Entongoli, Baligesima, Balikow Centurio 2:34
12. Orak, Dingidingi, Wat-mon Cultural Group :58
13. Nanga, Aita ogolo pula, Wat-mon Cultural Group 3:12
14. Orak Dance, Larakaraka, Wat-mon Cultural Group 3:02
15. Akogo, Ebangana Erionon, Edukut William 2:57
16. Adungu, Anyira maro ju mulony, Nebbi Community Adungu Group 6:17
17. Agwara, Muziri pokire ongo, Nebbi Community Agwara Group 3:42

18. Wolof Drumming Accompanying Wrestling, Doudou Ndiaye Rose and His Drummers 1:40
19. Jola Drumming and Dancing :31
20. Wolof Drumming, Bata Kene Ndiaye and Sidati Aidara, Doudou Ndiaye Rose and His Ensemble 8:09

Total Playing Time: (56:38)

Volume Two

The Gambia
1. Mandinka Drumming and Dancing, Lenjengo, Sherif Kante and His Ensemble 1:01
2. Jembe Drumming and Dancing, Professional Dance Troupe from The Gambia :53
3. Children's Games and Dances, Townschildren 1:19
4. Choreographed Dances and Dance Drama, Hunters Dance, Vai Musicians and Dancers 3:28
5. Mamadu bali suku Praise Song to Mohammed, Sande Society Initiates :40
6. Acrobatic Dancing Wusa - Poro Society Initiate Dance Troupe and Musicians 2:21
7. Gbanda (Communal Dance), maa tombo (Competitive Dance), Vai Dancers, Musicians, and Singers 1:55
8. Gbanda (Communal Dance), Ngele, Vai Musicians, Singers, and Dancers 2:01
9. Masquerade Dancing zoo-Ba Praise Song Vai zoo-Ba, Singers, Musicians 1:37
10. Masquerade Dance, mua zoo-Ba nama koo (We Have a New zoo-Ba), Vai zoo-Ba (Spirit-Impersonator), Musicians, Singers 7:08
11. Masquerade Dance, Vai Yavi (Masked Male Dancer), Musicians, Singers :30
12. Masquerade Dance, Vai Nafali (Masked Male Dancer), Musicians, Singers 1:03
13. Sande Graduation Dance/Procession, suma DEN-nu tombo (Beautiful Children's Procession), Vai Sande Women 1:21
14. Singers' Procession, wa kunE DON (Morning Greeting Song), Kende Kiahon (Accordion), and Lamellaephone Player 1:28
15A. Chiefs Procession/Dance, Vai Town Musicians, Chorus Singers, Paramount Chiefs 1:48
15B. Secret Societies' Procession, Dazoo (Sacred Head of Poro), poro kai-nu (Men of Poro), siduama-nu (Traditional Side Drum Players) 2:30
16. Fontomfrom (Akan Court Dance), Kyerematen and Nana Nketia 2:30
17. Adowa (Funeral Dance and Drumming), Kwasi Agyei, Madame Afua Pokuwaa, Professor Mawere Opoku 1:13
18. Kete (Court Dance), Asante Musicians, Cantor, Dancers 1:03
19. Agbadza, Ewe Musicians, Singers, Dancers 1:01
20. Boboobo, Ewe Dancers, Singers, Drummers 1:24
21. Gome (Recreational Dance), Blema Oblahi Cultural Troupe 2:14
22. Mama, Members of Manya Krobo (Dangme) Ethnic Group 1:00
23. Pogne, A Buno Yeti, Frafra Women's Chorus :44
24. Dea and Lelik Members of Kasena-Nankani and Builsa Ethnic Groups :57
25. Gyongo Dance and Nagila Drumming, Members of Kasena-Nankani Ethnic Groups  1:04
26. Gyongo Dance and Nagila Drumming, Members of Kasena-Nankani Ethnic  Groups :28
27. Gulo, Paga-Chania Group :58
28. Bawaa, Members of Dagaaba Ethnic Group :57
29. Welle (or Woori), Member of Gagaaba Ethnic Group :23

30. Hausa Boxing Contest Music 4:19
30A. Praise Song Alhaji 'Dan Anace and Drummers 1:22
31. Street Music, Benjamin Kokoro 2:22
32. Highlife, Oriental Brothers 2:36
33. Juju, King Sunny Ade

Total Playing Time: (51:53)

Volume Three

1. Women's Work Group, Kikuyu Women 2:05

2. Ingoma Warriors' Dance, Ngoni Dancers 5:57
3. Funeral Gourd Music, Tumbuka Villagers 3.00
4. Vimbuza (Spirit Possession Divinatory Trance), Timbuka Healers 6:14
5. Kazoo Band, Malipenga, Ngonde, Tonga, and Tumbuka 3:07
6. Song with Musical Bow, Bitter Melons, Ukxone 1:39
7A. Porcupine Game, !Ku|kebe, |Gaiamakhwe, and ||kue||kabe :19
7B. Musical Bow Duet Game, Hyena Song !Ku|kebe :21
8. Ostrich Mating Dance-Game, Men and Boys of Ei kxa o and Okwa Villages, South Africa 2:58

South Africa
9. Lullaby, Thula umtwana :55
10. Ngoma Dancing 1:12
11. Basotho Ndhlamo Dancing Basotho Workers 1:33
12. Contemporary African Xylophone Ensemble 2:11
13. Gumboot Dancing South African Miners 1:01
14. Zulu Ngoma Dancing, Zululand Workers 2:36
15. Zulu Isicatamiya 2:05
16. Zulu Traditional Guitar and Mouth Bow Song, Johnny Clegg and Sipho Mchunu 1:06
17. Independent Zulu Church Hymn 1:02
18. Afrikaner Historical Folkloric Dance :28
19. Isicatamiya Choir, Ladysmith Black Mambazo 1:35
20. Mbaqanga Band, Mahotella Queens 1:48
21. Mbaqanga Band, Abafana base Qhudeni (Boys of the Rooster) 1:51
22. Malombo African Jazz, Pew Fere, Philip Thabane and Malombo 1:14

Total Playing Time: (47:38)

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