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Mande Music and Dance

Mande Music and Dance

Mande Music and Dance: Performed by Mandinka Musicians in Gambia in the late Twentieth Century   LYRDV2001

Download contents of CD (39.45MB .zip) here

These films, including 18 separate events, made at the beginning of the Super 8 era with a silent camera and separate tape recorder, and at the end, with a sound-sync camera, feature performances by some of The Gambia's legendary Mandinka musicians. With a single roving camera, ethnomusicologist Roderic Knight captures the enthusiasm and artistry of jaliyaa, one of Africa's classic genres, and several other genres, including tantango drumming, a style that is today being eclipsed by the djembe.

Digital technology has enabled several enhancements, and most importantly, the sound-synchronization of many scenes that were not in sync in the original VHS release which has been unavailable for many years. In the enclosed PDF booklet which comes on a separate CD-R, Prof. Knight provides additional photographs, maps, extensive explanatory and technical notes for every scene, and all song texts and conversations in both Mandinka and English. This DVD-R "Mande Music and Dance" is a rich and vital document of the traditions of the Gambian Mandinka.

Contents of the DVD-R revised edition of Music of the Mande, Parts I, II, and III, with digital editing by Elio Trabal

I. Music of the Warriors, Hunters, and Ordinary People - 2:38

II. Professional Music: Mandinka Jaliyaa with the Kora - 38:48
Bai Konteh, Jali Mori Suso, Amadu Bansang Jobarteh, Jali Nyama Suso, Suntu Suso, Masireng Kuyateh, a kullio, kora making.

III. Gambian Tantango Drumming - 31:31
Lenjengo/Seruba, Nyaka Julo, Kanyelango, Nyoboringo (wrestling), Kankurango



Download contents of CD (39.45MB .zip) here

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