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Afghanistan: On Marco Polo's Road MCM-3003

Afghanistan: On Marco Polo's Road MCM-3003

Vocal and instrumental music from northern Afghanistan, primarily featuring Badakhshani and Tajik styles. Highlights include vibrant performances by a father-son duo and an impressive zirbaghali (drum) solo by the 9-year-old son. Amid political upheaval and a coup d'etat, field recordists eluded constant disaster during the course of their work. 10 tracks. 65 minutes. Recorded by Tomoaki Fujii and Akihiro Takahashi.

"Though the rhythm is relentless, the overall affect of the music is calm. One can imagine these songs echoing across the empty spaces between mountains and under an evening sky." - James McShane, Ethnic Materials and Information Exchange Bulletin

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Listen to Samples below

Badakhshani Charbaiti (farkhar)

Charbaiti, Batcha Moshi Mosh

Tajik Charbaiti

Tajik Charbaiti and Mondanabosh

Zirbaghali Solo

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