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Live recording from master musician and composer Ali Jihad Racy at the Los Angeles Festival in 1993. Featuring Racy on the nay, ud, buzuq, and bowed-tanbur with Souhail Kaspar on the Egyptian tabla and other percussion instruments, the duo performs 58 inspired minutes. Booklet includes notes on the instruments, artists and musical selections.

Racy's first solo release in almost twenty years!
New from the Lebanese master player and composer whose world renowned Ancient Egypt is still captivating new listeners decades after its original issue on Lyrichord. A dazzling array of musical selections recorded live in concert with Racy and Middle-Eastern percussionist Souhail Kaspar at the Los Angeles Festival. Racy performs on the nay, 'ud, buzuq, and bowed-tanbur with Kaspar on the Egyptian tablah and other percussion instruments. The album presents music from the Arab world in a breathtaking and superbly inspired performance.

1. Sufi Medley - 6:40
2. Taqasim And Sama'i Bayyati Al-'Arayan - 7:16
3. Moorish Impressions - 6:39
4. Taqasim And Dama'i Nahawand Racy - 10:03
5. Themes Of Yearning - 8:12
6. Strumming Magic - :54
7. Enchanting Beauty - 4:48
8. Taqasim Hijaz - 1:54
9. Sabá Medley - 6:09
10. Breeze Of Nostalgia - 4:26


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