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Asante Kete Drumming - Music of Ghana DOWNLOAD ONLY LYR-7454

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Asante kete drumming is an ancient West African musical genre. The myth is that it was created by supernatural beings of the forest. The reality is that it probably derived from an ancient Sudanic kingdom. The Asante acquired military might in the 18th and 19th centuries, during which time they acquired kete drumming from a conquered court. Kete drumming accompanied warriors to battle, was performed at court ceremonies state visits, executions, funerals, and inspections of the royal mausoleum. Today it is played for funerals and is available for the public for dancing in celebration of a departed soul's entrance into ancestor heaven. Ethnomusicologist and musician Joe Kaminski aims his microphones at this historic and fiery percussion tradition, and takes the listener deep into the heart of West African ritual drumming for the souls of the dead.

1. Abofoọ -
2. Akuokuo Nisuo
3. Akwadwom
4. Agyambua
5. "Highlife"


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