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Bali - Isle of Temples

Bali - Isle of Temples

Filmed entirely in Bali - the famed Hindu island in the archipelago of Indonesia - this historical DVD shows the day-to-day life of the islanders, their folk songs, gamelan orchestras and dance dramas. The temple is the focal point of each village where the villagers gather for religious ceremonies as well as for music and dance. The film features stunning, rarely captured footage of two religious dance/dramas named Barong, and Ketchak, the legendary "monkey chant".

"These films include some fascinating general footage, always with traditional music as background, as well as some valuable and sometimes extended scenes of genuine ceremonies and events." Dr. Terry Miller, Department of Ethnomusicology, Hugh A. Glauser School of Music, Kent State University

One DVD program with English narration. 27 minutes. Film originally released in 1973. (NTSC ONLY)



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