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A journey to the heart of the urban Vodou experience with Afro-Caribbean percussionist Bonnie Devlin. Devlin is the only woman ever initiated as a Huntogi (ceremonial drum master) in the Haitian religious Vodou tradition where she is also an initiated Sou-Mambo (woman priest), having drummed at hundreds of Vodou ceremonies. "Action of Grace - The Soul of Urban Vodou" is a recorded representation of a Vodou service of thanksgiving, including prayers, invocations, libations, chants, calls and 62 minutes of the most explosive trance-inducing drumming ever put on disc!
Digitally recorded and produced in the studio by Randy Crafton, "Action of Grace" is milestone in the realm of Afro-Haitian percussion that is not to be missed!

1. Action of Grace (Devlin) - 2:51
2. Bush Priestess (Traditional) - 2:43
3. Yenvalou Suite (Traditional) - 12:28
4. Zepaule Refrain (Traditional) - 6:20
5. Djumba (Traditional) - 3:19
6. Nago (Traditional) - 4:32
7. Maiis (Traditional) - 4:19
8. Ibo (Traditional) - 4:08
9. Congo (Traditional) - 3:56
10. Yenvalou Ghede (Traditional) - 4:21
11. Banda (Traditional) - 3:55
12. Petro (Traditional) - 5:18
13. Spread the News (Devlin) - 3:23


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