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JVCVOL21 - Europe II -- Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary - Vol 21

JVCVOL21 - Europe II -- Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary - Vol 21

EUROPE II - Vol 21

This video is part of the JVC Video Anthology of Music and Dance of the World

Poland - Vol 21
21-1 Folk dance medley from Krosno, Rzeszw area of Eastern Poland
21-2 Zbjnicki - hatchet dance, southeastern Poland, Tatra Mountain area

21-3 Cfavá - dance from Haná, central Moravia: ("Hemp is growing")
21-4 Folk song from the Haná area of Moravia: "The lark in the sky"
21-5 Dance music with early instruments: "Aria Hannaco"
21-6 Hatsch - peasant wedding dance of Moravia
21-7 Tuseblied and Radl - festival song and round dance
21-8 Bohemian sword dance
21-9 Karicka and cardás - dances of eastern Slovakia
21-10 Gypsy songs and dances from Slovakia

21-11 Country dance procession from Dunamenti Festival
21-12 Citera - zither ensemhle: "Zavaros a Tiska" ("Muddy is the Tisza's water")
21-13 Tekero - hurdy-gurdy
21-14 Legényes - men's dance
21-15 Legényes with kelimaski gilji - Gypsy dance song
21-16 Hungarian wedding ceremony of Transylvania in Romania

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