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Gamelan of Java, Vol. 4: Puspa Warna <font color="bf0606"><i>DOWNLOAD ONLY</i></font> LYR-7460

Gamelan of Java, Vol. 4: Puspa Warna DOWNLOAD ONLY LYR-7460

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An out-of-the-ordinary presentation of works, well-known and highly esteemed in classical Javanese gamelan music. Puspa Warna, sent into space with the Voyager, is presented here in two separate performances with different interpretations and internal ensemble variations. Sekar Gadhung is also performed in two different renditions, allowing two pesindhen (female singers) to compete for excellency. The rarely-heard, mystical Gadhung Mlati is sung here by a third outstanding pesindhen. Printed CD notes include contributions by Bapak Sumarsam and Dr. Sarah Weiss, while full notes in an attached PDF file expand on the subject of variations occurring in actual performances by Javanese musicians. Kyai Gedhong Gedhe

Recorded in ISI Surakarta

by John Noise Manis and Iwan Onone

1. Puspa Warna / Minta Jiwa 14:00
2. Sekar Gadhung 11:43
3. Gadhung Mlati 11:23
4. Sekar Gadhung 15:26
5. Puspa Warna 22:11

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