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Inti, Mystical Music of the Andes - Jorge Alfano DOWNLOAD ONLY LYR-7429

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This is a collection of invocations played on traditional Andean instruments. They are for the deities of INTI, the religion of the pre-Columbian peoples known as the Kechuas. The Kechua people have occupied the Altiplano region of South America (Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile and Ecuador) for thousands of years and still survive there today.
Jorge Alfano, a native of Buenos Aires, Argentina spent most of his life studying many forms of music and searching for the higher purpose in life. This form of music has led Jorge back home. "Jorge's music is ancient and modern-his flute touches the soul with elegance, compassion and joy."...Steve Gorn. Note: Part of the proceeds from this recording go to Samana Wasi, a foundation which provides food, shelter and spiritual education for children and elderly in need.

1. Collca (Pleiades) (Alfano) - 3:10
2. Apu Inti (Lord Sun) (Alfano) - 4:23
3. Churi Inti (Sun Guardian) (Alfano) - 4:08
4. Inti Guauqui (Sun Guardian) (Alfano) - 4:35
5. Illa (Thunder) (Alfano) - 5:28
6. Inti Illa (Sun Thunder) (Alfano) - 3:19
7. Chuqui Illa (Radiance of Gold) (Alfano) - 3:18
8. Mamacocha (Sea) (Alfano) - 4:08
9. Killa (Moon) (Alfano) - 4:33
10. Chaska (Venus) (Alfano) - 5:29
11. Cuycha (Rainbow) (Alfano) - 2:46
12. Wamantantac (Spirit in Charge of Gathering (Alfano) - 4:15
13. Saramama (Spirit of the Maize) (Alfano) - 2:14
14. Pachamama (Mother Earth) (Alfano) - 6:15


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