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Five kotos, hoteki, shamisen and shakuhachi Koto Ensemble of the Ikuta School. Along the Grand Tone River, The Stream Music of Pine, Bamboo and Plum Blossoms, etc. Koto ensemble performance at its best!

The Koto ensemble of the Ikuta School features five kotos, hoteki or flute, shamisen, a 3-stringed plucked instrument, and shakuhachi, a large bamboo flute. Some of the pieces recorded, all regarded as outstanding examples of koto music, are rarely played because of the difficulty assembling necessary musical talent. Descriptive notes on traditions and selections. 3 orchestral compositions.

1. Otone No Nagare Ni Sote (Sakamoto) - 26:54
2. Nagare (Tsukushi) - 10:52
3. Shochikubai (Koto) - 10:52

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