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Hicham Chami: Promises, Oriental Classic Music MCM-4002

Hicham Chami: Promises, Oriental Classic Music MCM-4002

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Enchanting classical Arabic and Turkish music is performed by Hicham Chami on qanun accompanied by Catherine Alexander on hand drums. The qanun, derived from the ancient psaltery, is a plucked stringed instrument with roots in the Middle East. Award-winning musician Hicham Chami, a native of Morocco now living in Chicago, has studied qanun since age eight. He performs throughout the U.S. and leads the Oriental Classical Ensemble of Chicago.

"This CD is a tribute to the rich tradition of Oriental instrumental music. In selecting the compositions for this CD, I chose works in classical genres (Bashrafs, Sama'is, Longahs) by renowned composers from various schools of music (Turkish, Egyptian, Armenian and Lebanese). This CD is a direct result of a collaboration that had its genesis at Simon Shaheen's Arabic Music Retreat, an annual gathering of people passionately interested in preserving traditional Oriental music." - Hicham Chami

"Hicham Chami is a truly gifted performer with a beautiful mastery found only in the most skilled and practiced musicians. His music is calming and exquisite in its subtlety." -- Lindsay Siegel, Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs

Listen to Samples

Sama'i Nawa Athar

Sama'i Farahfaza

Dulab and Sama'i Bayyati

Taqsim and Sama'i Rast

Longah Nahawand

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