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Music & Society DVDs

Lyrichord Discs and Multicultural Media are pleased to announce DVD releases of the Music and Society Film Series, from the famed ethnomusicologist Deben Battacharya.


The films originally produced in the 1970s and 1980s are now available on DVD-R format, including Professor Battacharya's distinctive narration of the events recorded in each film. He successfully blends the scholarly with the informal to bring these living cultures to life.


Originally shot on 16mm film, we have carefully reproduced DVD-Rs from the original 1" and 3/4" video masters. Public Performance Rights are provided with the educational version of these films, priced at a reasonable $49.00 each. Standing purchase orders are welcome.


These programs are accessible for college and high school level programs, as well as for general library interest and world music fans. Descriptions of each program are available on the insert sheets included with each DVD-R. These same descriptions can be found at these two websites, where each item can also be ordered - and


"These films include some fascinating general footage, always with traditional music as background, as well as some valuable and sometimes extended scenes of genuine ceremonies and events. "

Dr. Terry Miller, Department of Ethnomusicology, Hugh A. Glauser School of Music , Kent State University