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Fish on the Desert - R.A. Fish and Company DOWNLOAD ONLY LYR-7439

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On his second Lyrichord CD, world percussionist and dumbek master R. A. Fish takes you on a wild exploration of traditional Middle Eastern rhythms, improvisations and stunning ensemble performances that reach to the very core of the North African musical experience. The dumbek, tar, and riq head a virtuosic line-up of musicians performing on oud, qanun, saz, shenai, and other instruments. Selections include all the signature rhythms used in Middle Eastern dance, with written notations provided. Celebrated frame drummer Randy Crafton joins on bendir and the great Iranian poet and Rumi scholar Sharam T. Shiva recites a profoundly moving allegorical poem in Farsi, accompanied by Fish and Company. Rhythmic Essence/Fish on the Desert is a master's tour of traditional and original North African music that is propelled by the driving beat of that region's small but powerful ancient drum, the dumbek.

1. Procession (Traditional) - 2:30
2. Qanun Song (Traditional) - 4:34
3. Middle Eastern Medley: Turkish Love Song... [medley] (Traditional) - 3:29
4. Middle Eastern Medley: Lebanese Wheyek... [medley] (Traditional) - 2:45
5. Middle Eastern Medley: Arabic Abdul Gel... [medley] (Traditional) - 2:11
6. Middle Eastern Medley: Chiftetelli/Turkish [medley] (Traditional) - 3:24
7. Middle Eastern Medley: Traditional Turkish [medley] (Traditional) - 2:29
8. Taqasim Shenai Tal (Traditional) - 3:55
9. Spirit Descending (Traditional) - 3:29
10. Gateway to Eternity (Traditional) - 5:07
11. Intellect Lost (Traditional) - 5:50
12. Tihi Sufi Trio (Traditional) - 5:31
13. Desert Song (Traditional) - 2:37
14. Chant (Traditional) - 2:11
15. Ojala (Traditional) - 6:43
16. Divine Time (Traditional) - 9:53


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